T3TRA's honest vocal performance shows off what she is capable of. Not even for a single lyric does she hold back on giving her fullest amount of attention. ”

Buzz Music

Angel's Wings begins with thick layers of tones that set an emotional vibe. The drums kick in with a tribal rhythm while her soft voice starts telling the story of a new love. The beat intensifies as the song grows into the chorus. The catchy melody and rhythmic patterns of the vocals give the song its infectious hook.”

The Music Butcher

T3TRA’s most recent single “Angel's Wings” is a refreshing take on modern electro-pop genre. T3TRA contributes to the fairly more prominent category we’re seeing in music nowadays in the most complementing way. This track catches your attention with underlying upbeat tempo present throughout.”

Buzz Music

If you haven’t heard T3TRA, you don’t know the singer-songwriter that Tess Dunn has become. After three albums – her debut when she was 14 – and touring for seven years with Vans Warped Tour, the Santa Cruz born musician decided in 2016 that it was time for a change.” - John Malkin

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Oscar Wilde didn’t know a thing about electro-pop music. But if he were around today, the 19th-century playwright and legendary wit would totally get Tess Dunn. ” - Wallace Baine

Good Times

T3TRA is the fiery moniker for pop powerhouse Tess Dunn and once you press play on the singer’s new single “Lightswitch,” – which we are excited to premiere here today – you’ll be hooked for life.”

The Daily Listening

Tess Dunn is T3TRA, whose dark, soul-baring statements are as candid and relatable to millennials as her hooks are sharp and memorable for all listeners. Her expressive voice has a bubblegum quality that belies the bitterness of her message. Targeting miserable relationships, Dunn often places herself squarely in the crosshairs.” - Music Connection Magazine

Music Connection

If you’ve been around the Santa Cruz music scene for the past decade, you might think that you know Tess Dunn, that since you’ve seen her perform once or twice, you get what she’s all about. Well, that was the old (or, perhaps more accurately, the young) model. These days, there’s a new Tess Dunn around.” - Wallace Baine

Santa Cruz Sentinel

T3TRA’s debut EP, Polarity, provides a rich and dynamic sound that moves beyond electro/synthpop thanks to deep sonic undercurrents and brutally honest lyrics. As T3TRA notes, “Sex, pills, cheap thrills: I write songs about the things nobody and everybody likes to talk about.” With driving beats, hints of retro synth and T3TRA’s signature raspy vocals, Polarity provides a strong dose of danceable angst.” - Jordan Mohler

Kill The Music

At 20 years old, Tess Dunn has already got three alt-rock albums under her belt, is taking a full class load, and continues to fight a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis (CF), diabetes, and epilepsy. She’s so damn admirable that I found myself hoping she had some deep, dark secret to unearth. No dice.” - Anne-Marie Harrison


With revving guitars and pounding beats, Dunn goes from power ballad to anthem-rock choruses that sounds like it's ready-made for any arena show and echoes the infectious sounds of another rock/alternative band - Paramore.”